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Influspy analyzes more than 100,000 Instagram and Snapchat stories every day to help you identify & contact the best influencers in over 30 markets and find the most profitable products of the moment.

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Analyze, sort and contact influencers from within the application

Analyzes each influencer

Data is good, analysis is better. We have set up relevant profitability indicators (engagement rate, average investments per day, multiple investment index...) to help you choose only the best influencers for your campaign.

Organize your influencers and plan your campaigns

Organize your campaigns from A to Z thanks to InfluSpy's list system.

Contact influencers directly

All available emails of influencers are extracted from their profiles and you can contact the influencers directly via InfluSpy.
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Marketing Influence Training
Limited: live investments
Limited: access to 10k+ influencers
Analysis limited to 10 influencers
Audience analysis
Profitability analysis
Registered Storys
Creating lists
Full csv export
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Coming soon: niche analysis
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To follow the most successful influencers and shops performing on Instagram.
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Influencer Analysis
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Profitability analysis
Storys of the last 24 hours
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Snapchat investments
Audience analysis
Export CSV
Storys from +24h ago recorded
Mass mailing of influencers
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Access all of our influencers, shops and product placements at Instagram and Snapchat.
All Influencers
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Investments INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT live
Influencer Analysis
Influ Feed: unlimited
Similar influencers
Profitability analysis
Audience analysis
Storys of registered investments (same +24h)
Unlimited personalized lists
Mass mailing of influencers
Export CSV
Filters by Influencer Audience
Advanced niche analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between the free newsletter (InfluNews) and InfluSpy Premium?

Our free newsletter, InfluNews, is a digest of the news we have analyzed during the week, it is full of value and provides a good overview of the influencer market as a whole. However, it is only sent out once a week with limited analysis, and only on the French market. The application provides continuous access to all investments, all influencers, in 24 markets, and to investment details.

Which investments and influencers are analyzed?

We analyze the Ecommerce investments of several thousand influencers on the French and international market, in order to have the best vision on the whole market. Each time you open the app, you can see at a glance the most active influencers and shops. If you want to monitor influencers that we don't have yet in our database, just add them via the tab "Add influencer" and they will be added to your analysis.

Can I buy InfluSpy with my company?

Of course, you can subscribe to InfluSpy on behalf of your company. As soon as you pay, you will receive an invoice that you can add to your accounting. Have you lost your invoice? Send us an email, we will reissue it to you!

Can I share my subscription?

No, the InfluSpy Premium subscription gives 1 person access to InfluSpy.
InfluSpy gives a considerable competitive advantage, and the price has been carefully chosen to be fair. Moreover, fighting cheating guarantees our clients that the data they have access to is exclusive. Our anti-cheating policy is clear, strict, and non-negotiable: if we detect that you have shared your account, your account will be permanently suspended, without refund.

Is it without obligation?

The subscription is automatically renewed each month, but you can cancel it at any time in the "My Account" section of the application. You will then have access to Influspy until the end of the billed period.

The influence marketing newsletter

InfluNews is the only newsletter dedicated to influence marketing, with a summary of the best placements and influencers each week, tips, case studies...

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